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What features make ExpressionEngine a better CMS?

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ExpressionEngineis one of the most secured content management systems. ExpressionEngine has not been free since beginning still people chose for their website development because EE provides those features which are not available in other CMS.


So EE is free open source CMS now, you are surely going to enjoy developing website on this.

ExpressionEngine has those features which forces people to use it. Here we are going to discuss reasons that why we choose ExpressionEngine. Our development team need tools with the right blend of power, ease of use, and stability. According to our ExpressionEngine development team EE can be chosen as one of the primary tools.

  • Extreme Security: - EE has an amazing track of impeccable security since 2002. Its ExpressionEngine security features include IP banning, email address banning, secure password,password lockout, session management, secure forms, and customizable word-censoring.
  • Limitless Design: - EE has no design limits. ExpressionEngine acknowledges nothing about the site’s design- any certain style; size, navigation, or page elements are required. EE does not have available/pre-built themes. You can make website responsive, animated,interactive, bold, creative, and fluid. ExpressionEngine provides complete freedom to design website.
  • Flexible Content: - ExpressionEngine provide the facility of putting the content the way we want. You can manage the content very easily and the way you want. In ExpressionEngine, we can configure titles, text, images, and any bit of data. EE does not force you to comprise with your designing ideas.
  • Powerful features: - ExpressionEngine let you access so many add ons and use them into your website which enhances the functionality of site.

Here are some features that we have added toExpressionEngine sites.

☑ Standard and custom SEO settings

☑ Accessible pages that exceed 508 compliance requirements

☑ Optimized page speeds, fast-loading pages

☑ Advanced searching and filtering

☑ Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

☑ Member login areas

☑ Interactive charts and graphs

☑ Ecommerce with PayPal, credit cards,Stripe, and other merchant services

☑ Integration with HubSpot, Raiser’s Edge, SalesForce, eTapestry, and custom APIs


☑ Internationalization and multilingual support

  • Top Notch Support: -There are many CMS which provides website development facility but they do not provide direct access to their team. Most of CMS have developer’s community where geeks help other geek. But ExpressionEngine provides professional support by their development team.

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